Peter Dervin

I have always had a love for music and photography. My Grandmother gave me my first camera, an Olympus 35mm when I was a teenager. In June 1980 I was able to photograph The Grateful Dead performing at West High Auditorium In Anchorage, Alaska. Thirty years later, I received an email from the archivist for the Grateful Dead. He had seen my photos from that show that I had posted on the Dead’s website and they used them in an official Grateful Dead CD release. This was my first published work.

With the advent of digital cameras, I continued photographing the various concerts I was attending, upgrading my cameras throughout the 2000’s. I have been very fortunate the past four years to meet some great people and photograph a who’s who of musicians and bands in Seattle and throughout the country. Most recently, I have been the house photographer for the Live! @ Benaroya Hall concert series.