Lisa Piernot

Photography By Piernot, LLC is a multifaceted photography company
specializing in low light conditions, band photography, fashion house
photography, live stadium photography, professional sports photography,
large events, private events, model head shots, portraits and nature
photography. Work also includes New York City's first building implosion
in the past decade, Building 877, Govenor's Island being demolished.

I have photos published in multiple media sources nationally over the
years and also have my "moon collection" photos used in a video by
national recording artist Gar Francis.

Complete mobile lab printing capability for public appearances with 6
Canon lab printers with 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution and the ability to
print (275) 8.5 x 11 photos per hour. We have a staff of 3 for large
events, including a second professional photographer.

Lisa Piernot, primary, full time photojournalist and master low light
photographer, specializing in press releases, advertisements and
promotional material for all business types including sports, travel and
the music industry. Specialty in laser light concert and complex mixed
lighting sources. I cover all low light venues including stadiums,
arenas, parks and restaurants.