Jennifer "Island Jenn" Swenson Dohner

My name is Jenn, aka "Island Jenn". I have been shooting music for almost 13 years, writing about it for 10. I owe my "big break" to Eddie Vedder who let me shoot one of his shows, which in turn got me published for the first time. Ironically my first gig I ever shot was...wait for it...Kenny Chesney/Keith Urban. Do not judge lol!

While music is my biggest passion to shoot, I am not restricted to it. I like to mix it up by shooting weddings, portraits, sports, corporate events, baby bumps, food, travel & nature etc. I feel that shooting a variety of subjects and styles, keeps me on my toes. As a female photographer in the music industry, I believe that my sense of humor, respect, integrity, salty tongue and big ole "girl kahonas", has helped me achieve my goals and be successful.

I have made many lifelong photographer friends in this business, as well as musicians. Except for Trent Reznor, who fractured my skull. He's kind of on my shit list. I have been pissed on, kicked in the head, fractured skull, sprayed with fake blood, elbowed in the face by other photographers, barf on my shoes, yelled at by diva rockstars, yelled at by the wives of rockstars when they borrow my phone, totally worth it all. I say pursue your bliss...whatever it is. I forget how many times I was told "No", or told to quit. I didn't listen apparently. RAWK!

"151 Countries, Only 1 Island Jenn"